I was thinking about UND!!


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I'm still a junior in high school , but am considering attending UND. I got their catalog in the mail and so far like what I see. How do you all like it? HOw are expenses, I was thinking about aviation pilot or some other type in the aviation field. Do you need foreign language credits to attend? How do you like the training, do you suggest some courses. I was thinking about taking a tour there sometime too.
Matt -

You should check out the UND Aerospace webpage. It will answer all of the questions you asked.

The "student services" part of that webpage is very helpfull. The people who work at student services are great they can help you with any questions you have. Also they are the people you need to talk to to set up a tour. (which I would highly recomend)

After reviewing the web page, I think you will find UND is as well respected as ERAU with even better facilities.

You are wise to start thinking about college early. Let me know if I can be of assistance in your search.


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