I passed!


Now come down here and sign me off on my CMEL.
Good job, Rausda! Now you can sign me off for my MEI!

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Just give me the date and time...
YAY!!!! congrats Dan!!

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Thanks Kristie...Now I can sit back and relax for the next few days...
Yeah I did it in NY. THe oral wasnt too bad. He pretended he was a student that just brought a new twin. Briefed him on Vmc and pretty much all of part 23.149, Critical engine aerodynamics and Engine failure procedures. He asked me a few more questions and then it was on to the flight.

Took off from HWV, maintained Vyse until 1000 feet and then departed to the practice area. Clearing turns and then he had me teach all the dual engine manuevers. Slow flight, Steep turns, power on and off stalls. From there I taught the Vmc demo which ended with a engine failure which was a full trouble shoot to full feather. After the airstart waited for the CHT to reach 200 onthe inop side, then manuevered for the drag demo. After the drag demo had another failure, examiner pulled the left mixture, during my recovery he then pulled the right mixture..simulated feathing both sides, pitched for Vyse and simulated a emergency landing. Both engines were windmilling at this point and then he told me to recover.

From there we went to FOK and did some landings, short field followed by a single engine landing followed by normal approach to landing with a go around. After that it was a few little things and we returned home..put it on the centerline and a MEI was born...that was pretty much all of it, perhaps I have left a few little things out but overall it wasnt too bad...
He "failed" both engines on you???? At the same time????!!!???

Doesn't sound safe to me. I'd be like "What the Fu?$ are you doing?"

Perhaps I'm just reading it wrong though...
It sounds worse than it actualy was. He pulled one mixture and as I was doing my engine failure procedure he pulled the throttle and put the mixture back. Then he pulled the other mixture so there was always one engine actually "running"...it was a little strange...