I passed the checkride and start flying the line Saturday


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Well I passed my 1900 checkride wednesday morning. I am scheduled to start flying the line Saturday morning.
The checkride went great, it was the best flight I have had in a long time, and best that I had in the plane. Started out with steep turns, enroute stall, landing stall, then direct to the IAF for a GPS approach. The approach was a no flap straight in, in actuals. I nailed the centerline and touchdown zone right on speed. On the next takeoff he failed the left engine on rotation and flew a single engine ILS. During the next takeoff he had me do an abort. We finished the ride with a two engine ILS into Anchorage.

It was a great feeling to be done. Groundschool started April 14th, so it was great to have everything done and scheduled to start flying.
Congrats dude! It's really great to hear about everyone moving up right now; it reminds there is still hope


John Herreshoff