I need help with Yarolav...........


If you guys did not see in another thread (as well as the new topic that created) somone registered the username 'I_HATE_GAY_PEOPLE' and went on an A.net style rampage. It turned out to be non other then Yaroslav. He has used many IP's including ones from the citizens advice bureau in New York as well as an electricity company in WA, and his school in Sacramento, so banning an IP will not work. I know he had multiple usernames, what are they?
The nice thing is we will be able to spot him quickly when he comes back.. If you notice a new user with a poor command of the English language please notify myself, Kristie, Doug, or Copaman ASAP.
This place is normally so nice, and we will do everything in our power to keep it that way!
How in the world did you figure out it was Yaro if he's using all these different IP addresses? Good work Bond, continue.
You know, it's really a shame that other thread and posts were put up. The thread that started it had, up to this point, been very professional and kind.

Some people are simply fools and not much can be said to change their minds.

All we (read you, Iain) can do is <font color="red">ban the ever living sh*t</font> out of whomever is respopnsible.
I am a Holmes, what can I say. There was an IP match. He registered the new username at school, when I ran a trace on the IP, it was a community college in Sacramento, so that kind of pointed me in his direction. He posted from their quite a lot, so it just took a little bit of searching to find another post from that IP and that was all I needed.
Hey Ian I know that yaro was posting under R_U_A_Pilot for a while, not sure if it was a newuser name or he just edited his yaroslav username.That thread had so many professional responses, and it is a shame that somebody had to mess it up.
I say ban Yaro forever, he won't be missed!
Bye-bye, Yaroslav! Aviation's too small a community to piss on other peoples' shoes like that, ya dip$hit!

Nice cybersleuthing, Iain.
Iain, I wholeheartedly support this action. Count me in the "coalition of the willing."

I am there too. I have been wanting him to either chill or disappear for a while now.

Yaro, if you log on as someone else, seriously, we don't like you and would appreciate it if you didn't come around anymore.
Actually, I'll make the final determination on who stays or goes because when my users starts selectively telling users whether or not they're welcome, then we have a problem.

If there is a problem with a user, privately email me or blast a private message to me or a moderator and I'll determine what action is necessary.

Believe me, if we start voting people off the island "Survivor Style" or having a house meeting like on MTV's "The Real World", then the only person who'll be left around is myself and uhh, Kristie... and our two cats...Maybe even a dog if we finally crack down and decide on a particular breed.
I never intended this to be a bashing post. When I posted this threat this morning I was very busy at work, and was not going to play any games what so ever in resolving this problem.
Good point Doug. Sorry if there seemed to be impromtu elections going on to vote someone out.