I made the call!


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Well, today I made the call to ATP to schedule a tour of the Manassas location this upcoming Saturday where it's likely I will go for their Airline Career Pilot Program.

So far I've heard nothing but great things about the program, of course a lot of people say a lot of great things about the other programs (FSI, DCA, Ari, etc), but there's just something about everything I've read and seen with ATP.

I'll let everyone know how it goes, I was hoping to fly in, but the planes I rent were booked.

If anyone who went there or is going there would like to offer their thoughts I would certainly appreciate it!
Well this Saturday I went and checked out ATP's Manassas location. I knew they were located somewhere on the East Ramp because when I flew in with my fiance a few weeks ago to meet her parents for dinner, I saw their planes on the ramp.

I finally found their office tucked away in a corner of the new Terminal Building. I walked in and met Tony, one of the Manassas instructors, he was with a student awaiting a checkride. She had just returned from a X-country to Phoenix a few days before.

He was a straight shooter, a lot of what he had to say I knew from researching ATP between their website, brochure, and here. Both he and the student told me the course was intense, come prepared, do well, and chances are I could be rewarded instructing for ATP.

He showed me the simulator, the room where they conduct the writtens, took me out and showed me the planes, I got to sit in one of the Seminoles checking her out.

All in all it was a good visit, I'm pretty sure I've made up my mind. Their office/school was small, which was nice, had an FBO feel to it despite being a big flight academy.

I just don't think one can beat what the program offers:

- Good Multi-time
- 90 Days
- Fixed Price
- True X-Countries
- Location (don't have to move across the country to FL or AZ, NM)

Now all I have left is to finish school next semester, get the interview done, and reserve a date! Excited!

Glad you enjoyed it & thanks for sharing your experience here.

Enjoy the Holidays!


Did you check out their apartment facilities? Or would you be living with your fiances parents? I have a friend that likes in the huge community of new homes down the street from the airport, I think I would live with him. All I can remember about the area is the McDonalds and the Burger King. The only apartments I can remember in the area seemed pretty ghetto.


I didn't check out the apartment facilities for ATP because we'll be staying with her parents. I'm not sure what apartment complex ATP is using, but the growth in the area is crazy and lots of nice apartment complexes are going up.

Are you looking to go to ATP Manassas?


I visited at 11am on Saturday. Where do you work at on the East Ramp?

Yeah, I'm thinking about attending ATP Manassas, but not for a long while. I'm working outside of the US for the next 16 months, and am looking at various options for my return. Are there many students at the Manassas location? I know you mentioned the one.

Take care...
Don't remember how many students they had when I visited--I did ask and I want to think that they had 8 students, for some reason 4 is also sticking out. Maybe 4 instructors w/ 8 students since they only let 1 instructor have 2 students.

It wasn't many which I like, nice personal instruction.