I lost the BLUE!


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I was messing around with my forum 'skin' colors and accidentally changed the color. When I went back to get the blue background back it wasn't there. Anyone know how I can get the blue back?! The others are just too bright!


Sorry I could not reply to your IM - I have just got a new place to stay, and was arranging the funds, when the bank decided my card could have been stolen, so they blocked everything!!! So I spent the whole morning trying to organize everything and managed to. I now have a studio apartment in the city, which is PHAT!


Yeah, same exact thing happened to me 6 months ago... I switched skins to see what it looked like. Blue's been gone ever since...


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I hate to ask this, but how about just getting used to not using the blue? The grey color works just fine for me, in fact, my eyes like it quite a bit more and the colors blend a little better too (IMO)....

I know it'd be nice to be able to choose a different skin again, but i dont think doug has time to work on the colors of the website when he's more into working on the content...I asked him about it and he said that it would be kindof a pain in the butt to rearrange the colors of the site because of the the amount of skins available and trying to get them compatible with the text, banners, jpgs and so forth...and the fact that everyone has different preferences on colors. seems that when the colors change - he gets a lot of messages about it...

Sorry you lost your blue - but there isn't much that can be done about it without affecting everyone else's colors.


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What skin do most people use anyway?

I have that dark grey with the red borders and such...

A white is too tough on my eyes to be staring at for the amt of time I spend reading JC.