I just got the military service email


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again, the one that you reply saying you had no prior service or fill out the form, first one I got was on 7/23


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another email said:
Please disregard the previous email. Several of you received this in
error. As always, when a human is involved, there will be errors, and I
claim to be human, so, I will confess that when I was sending out the
emails, I deleted the names of the ones that I had previous sent emails to,
however, I did not delete the entire row, and therefore the emails were for
the wrong people. I have corrected this, and will send out another email
for those that were suppose to get this in the first place, so again, I am
terribly sorry for bothering you, it was my mistake. Thanks to those that
have already answered, but if you get another email, please answer that one
at least he has a sense of humor


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i've talked to that guy onthe phone a few times. really nice, extremely helpful. wish my HR rep would take some notes