I havent been keeping up as best as I should have re: Degree


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My plan was to hit an online college when I was in a regional. I wouldn't mind spending more time in a regional while I was doing my online degree. I just figured with all the nights in hotel rooms that'd be a perfect time to get my degree. But now I'm not so sure about that route. I'm around 850 hours now, by the time the airlines start hiring I will definitely be above 1500 (gauging by my current monthly count). But some of this new legislation I'm not as up to date as I should be, should I bite the bullet and take out a loan now and start up some schooling? I am 2 classes shy of an Associates Degree, so I'm hoping where ever I find an online program I like my current credits will transfer... but how exactly is everything shaping up right now? I'd love to be able to wait until I'm in a job where i'm away from home often before I started this, but something tells me that is not going to work. Opinions?
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The credits may or may not be significant, your online courses may not qualify, and it won't go into effect for 3 years.

Yes you should get a 4 year degree, but not out of concern of this pending legislation. In your position it won't matter much.
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Get your AS degree, then you can use that as a basis for your bachelors, usually. If the classes won't transfer when you already have an AS degree usually you won't have to take the core curriculum at most state schools.

Also, hit 1200 and get a job flying boxes -- at that point why would you want to accept a paycut to go to a regional anyway?