I Have More Flight Time Then SkyGuyEd


In a post earlier this week Ed announced that he had more flight time then (by 0.3 to be exact). Well I got up early this morning I regained the lead. WAHOO

Unfortunately my lead has been short lived. Ed is more then likely flying as speak, and will have atleast a 2 hour lead. I think distance between our flight times are likely to grow from this point.

BTW I still have done more landings then he has! He has a long way to go to catch me there!
Just do the "unscrupulous" thing by paying Ed some money, sitting in the backseat and logging the time PIC!
That is wrong? Heck I have been doing that on all my LAX-LHR-LAX flights over the past couple of years. Without that I would not have 160 hours PIC in 747/777/757/767/A340s.

My question on that is when you fly business can you log more time then in economy like you earn more airmiles? Also I am an AA platinum member (I get double miles) do I get to long double the time with that too?
I'm not sure but I do remember being asked at a cocktail party, "Wow, so you're a pilot. You must have millions of frequent flyer miles!"

"uhhh, aww nevermind"