I have an idea......


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I recently saw a calendar that a company had produced that had pictures of their products, a few employees and a variety of company specific stuff. It got me thinking.....How about producing a JC calendar with pictures of some of our favorite members. Doug, Toria, Wild, Kristie, Seggy, Qgar, MQAAord, mpenquin1, SeatClutcher, Bumblebee, jtrain, Velo and lots of others. .....We could use the proceeds for NJC or sell them for cost. I think it would be a lot of fun to create something like that. We could nominate those we wanted to see on the calendar or try to incorporate multiple faces into every month.

Pictures could be in uniform, at work, at home, beach attire or any setting decided on. This would be a 2010 calendar and it could turn into an annual tradition.

Just an idea to connect some names and faces and have a little fun.

If I have to ever see Seggy in "Beach Attire" I may have to beat myself until that image can longer be stored in my head.

Interesting idea....

EDIT: On second thought, I've actually been to the beach with Seggy before. It wasn't THAT bad, although there were two attractive Swedish girls to offset him. And then there was "Sven". AMorris may remember that.
That's actually a great idea. We could make one after NJC09 and include a page with everyone's picture so we can all connect usernames to faces.
I'm in :D

Dibs on June!

Due to legality reasons and not wanting to start up a poo-storm with AA Corporate, it sadly can not be a uniform pic though.
Hell some JCers may want to use it as a dart board!

(not you, Amber, just in general....)
That's fine with me--a badge of honor, if you will. I'm mature and not that sensitive to what others think of me.
believe it or not, we started a calendar about 3 or 4 years ago, but never completed it... so i already have compilations of photos (including an NJC from that year)....so we could always use past photos as well...

I'm open to it!
I guess we have to first find someone to head up the project. I am happy to help but have limited photo skills. Can we start by getting a volunteer to move things forward? I can do it if nobody wants the challenge, but will need help obviously. I know Toria is quite the photo pro but I hesitate to volunteer her until she returns from her Rodeo Drive Shopping Marathon, or wherever she is these days.