I have a room avalible for Rent for low cost


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Hello to everyone currently attending, or thinking of attending.

I have an open room for rent in my 3 bedroom apartment at the
Sable Chase apartment complex. I will be asking roughly 250-300$ Per month.

This includes everything so everything is covered... utils/rent/phone/internet etc...

We have high speed internet, washer and dryer, living room, tv,
balcony etc. If anyone is interested in saving some money send me a message
and can come take a look at the place.

Come on.. don't be afraid to reply

Don't worry I dont bite... Private message me, or write here if you have any questions

Well, I would be interested, but I wouldn't be moving down there for 9 months at least. Are the apartments around Ari-Ben generally affordable? It doesn't look like I will be able to live in their housing because I have a dog. Have you seen apartment complexes that allow that? (or does yours?)

Well, have fun down there
I forgot about this thread on your room for rent. I'm coming down the first week in Nov. for a tour. I just reserved a room today at the Howard J Express in Vero for Wed & Thur.and maybe Fri. Nov. 5,6,and 7th. I called today and spoke to a woman who said they they do not have visiting dorms, so I rented the room.

My basic plan was/is I'm arriving MCO 7:30am Wed, got a Avis rental and heading down to Vero. I was going to tour FSA but due to a BS glitch I'm probably not. This was Wed. when I found out that FSA was out. So I immediatly set to my back-up plan and checked the others on my list. Ben-Ari was and still is on top of my list, and unless something esle gunks up the works I'll be training at the Aviator. So to make a short story long, I'm heading down to check out the Aviator on Wed.

I'll be hanging around the Aviator and Vero etc. apartment hunting 'till Fri night. I don't have a room reserved for Fri as I was thinking of sponging off of ERAU for the night for the price of a tour(not planning on attending) Then Sat. I have plans to attend the Wings and Waves all day then go to a room for the night in Orlando, for my flight out Sun.

Sooo... the point is, would you consider perhaps filling your extra room for the few days for a few extra bucks in your pocket? I would have to be able to cancel my reservation with money back which I might be able to do.

Think about it and discuss it with your roomies and let me know.

Plus I don't have a dog and I'm bringing my two sisters that are strippers!!

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Hey, Pertetual, did you get my last transmission to your PM? I wasn't sure if I hit the right button, I clicked it so fast.

Anybody, what's new at the Aviator?