I have a question on Pheonix school Online courses


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As i read here in jetcareers that you dont have to hava a bachellors in aviation to be a pilot (pheeuu what a relief).
So i decided to persue my dream in business entreprenuership- of some sort.

I heard about the Pheonix school Of business and that you can take all of your classes online and meet once a week with your class to do extra stuff. It also said ppl finish it in 2 to 3 years.

Is that really possible if that is maybe i can go and start training for Pro pilot while i take classes online so it wont bother my shcedule. Or is there a catch, like they give you ton of homework... Any one know please respond


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I got an email from that school, I just glanced at it. But if I remember correctly the prices were ridiculous, and you had to be over the age of 22 I think