I guess I should too


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Sorry guys, I joined about a month ago and never waved hello to anyone... just started ludcrously posting! So I figure I'd join the chorus and say hello to everyone

My name is Brendan, and I am a recovering flightsimaholic...

(chorus... "hi Brendan")

I am a migrant from flightsimnetwork.com, and used to sim a whole lot until it just stopped satisfying, compared to the real thing. It has become a great tool for IFR practice, but nothing more. Anyhow, I think I need more exposure to fellow REAL pilots, to REAL flying matters... like Ted, the new LCC of United.

I digress...

Anyhow, I'd rather be flamed and accosted by fellow pilots that know what they are talking about and have real experience, than be yelled at and told "you don't know what you're talking about, I fly this in the microsoft simulator everyday!" by simpilots.

Soo here's where I am:

I got my PPL in June, and will have my Inst. by beginning Jan, except for the fact that this is the hardest work I've done so far... I didn't know I was this dumb, but each lesson while I seem to learn something new, I always find something I probably should have known a bit better- something to really go home and study/practice. So, it WILL take longer than expected.

I'm fresh outta college, and am continuing a nice cushy but boring desk job from summer to pay for flight training. Basically, all my paychecks go straight towards the FBO .. I might leave after this year to pursue the commercial/CFI stuff, and while my heart isn't in my cubicle, the money is very good.

I am afraid to give the whole "I wanna be an airline pilot" schtick, as I've seen so much negativity and sarcasm at eaglelounge.com, that it makes me think twice if these people really like their job after getting into it. All I can say is that I'm headed "up." I want a career that has my feet off the ground and my legs in the air as much as possible. That narrows the career choice down to either aviation... or prostitution.

I think I am making the right choice
even if my flight instructor likes to spill coffee onto my lap.

Anyhow, its good to be here, and thanks to all that have responed so "friendlily" (sp?) to my previous postings!

based in Danbury KDXR Ct.

Welcome to JC, great to have you here. Btw I like your shirt in the picture, Lufthansa is a great airline.
Welcome Brandon! That's funny that your from Danbury becuase I'm up there a lot visiting family. In fact, I'll be in Danbury for Thanksgiving next week.

I'm Alex, nice to meet, I have the same feeling with FS as you do. I'm 15 and it doesn't really satisfy my needs either.
Hey, I was into MSFS back in the day (about 5 years ago), and it really set off my love of aviation (which I already had, but it got me thinking about it).

I was into it then, but now I find it quite boring... I can't understand how people can do anything more than 10 minutes in it, for fun atleast. Nothing to view, nothing to feel..

Anyways, welcome aboard!
Hi Brendan

I'm also working on my IFR rating. I've decided that women are more complex than flying by instruments, but just barely. I'm about 1/2 done with it and also plan to finish up in January.
Hi Brendan

I'm also working on my IFR rating. I've decided that women are more complex than flying by instruments, but just barely. I'm about 1/2 done with it and also plan to finish up in January.

[/ QUOTE ]

Me too! Im not so sure about the women part, but I certainly feel stupid and overwhelmed more times than not. Anyways, welcome!
Thanks guys for your friendly welcomes.

hahaha IFR is not only as complex as some of my girlfriends, but it is at least as complex as our tax system and the current administration. And like Bush, after a flight, I'm left wondering where the monkey has run off to now!


Yes, Lufthansa is great. Unfortunately I am turning a bit sour on them as they led me along thinking I could get into their Verkehrsfliegerschule. I then found out after I had submitted my heart and soul in resumes and application forms, that they don't want Americans... there was so much beaurocratic cripe that Lufthansa would have to go through, as well as myself, to get permission to have an employment in Germany. Maybe someday I'll be able to fly over there...


hey Tom... Danbury flight school is where I go for my fun'n'sun... I also started the job at the front desk as dispatch on the weekends. Funny enough, it doesn't even pay half of what I'm making here at work, yet I'm having twice the fun. If ANYONE ever comes to Danbury, come on over to Executive Air, and I will personally see to it you are treated well... and probably tape my resume onto your back as you leave...
I fly into Danbury quite often...Next time I am there i will pop my head in and introduce myself....
hmmm funny how things happen. Not a week after I introduce myself here, I get a PM from the moderator at flightsim.com warning me about my "inappropriate conduct" on the boards...

I was posting some drivel about TED and the post got booted, not realizing this was an intentful removal, I continued posting comments about TED Kascynski "this airline's da bomb" and TED Kennedy "Service nonstop to Chappaquiddick." This, while humerous, insulted the moderator, who himself voted for Kennedy...

I promise Doug, I'm no rebel! I'm pure FAR 91 goodness!