I am currently...


F2TH C56X C500
...sitting in my new office.
...ordering stuff to put in my new warehouse.
...wearing my JetCareers shirt so everyone at the airport will know.

And I thought I needed to post something since I haven't been on JC in a while. I'm blessed to be so busy with work (AND FLIGHT STUDENTS!). But soon I will have a load of crazy flight instructor stories to share and a new link for my signature. :)

Say hi to the plethora of new babies that you have all been making!

Congrats,Slush! Sounds like things are going Great for you!!!!:clap:
sweet, congrats! I'm planning on doing some flying down in vegas, and i'll need a plane :)....i may come calling....
Congrats Slushie! I'm going to be sure to come and check your place out when I go to NetworkJC!