How would you rate their skill?


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Some yeras ago an Air Canada B767 enroute from Ottawa [Ont] to Edmonton[Albta] run out of fuel at 41000 ft.
With no electricals the panel went blank and without hydraulics , only RAT power, control became dificult.
The captain glided the 300.000 lbs aircraft using .standby ASI.AH,ALT and mag.compass at 220 KIAS all the way down.
Over very rugged terrain and out of range of any major airport they headed for an abandon airstrip been used at the time for car racing.Unable to deploy flaps or slats and with an unlocked nosewheel they came in too high and fast so the captain SIDE-SLIP the 767 and touch down at 170K without reverse thrusters ,the nosegear folded and the engines nacelles scraped the ground slowingthem down.
There were NO injuries and not major damage to the aircraft/////

Few years ago an Airtransat Airbus enroute from Montreal to Portugal had a total power loss in the midle of the Atlantic.
Hundred of miles from shore, the captain glided the Airbus and landed safely on a small island in the Azores.

Q1 How would you rate the skill of these pilots?
Q2 How do you think YOU would have performed under the same conditions HONESTLY///?

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Well I think you can not say anything bad about these guys - what they did was very impressive.

Well I am normally in the back of heavy aircraft so I would have probably asked for a stiff drink.

The BA 747 that lost all 4 engines, I would commend the FO and FE, I heard the captain was on the toilet when it happened.
What about the guy who figured out how much fuel they should have on board? How would you rate that?

Were there some special circumstances involved?

In the first case the B767 fuel quantity processor was u/s so in order to be legal they had to drip the tanks[vissualy check the fuel level with a stick]twice.At the time Canada was converting to the metric system and inches.gallons and pounds had to be converted to centimeters,liters and kilograms,also this was one of the first two pilots crew instead of three,and calculations were done by ground personnal but aproved by the flying crew.Someone screwup the numbers and instead of having 22200 Kilogerams of fuel they had 22200 pounds ///// about half what they needed.

The Airbus i beleive a mecanical problem with the fuel system DUMP all the fuel overboard//////
Didn't they make a movie about the first one? I saw some thing like that the other day.
I think the capatain and the FO on that flight earned the honorary Daddymac Pimp Maneuver Award. Better than any doughnut in a late 70's Coupe deVille