How would I...

go about starting up a flight program at a local community college?

Depends on what you need. If you have the money to support it or if you know it is in the colleges budget then it will be easier. So you should speak with someone at the college there about what it is and make it a good presentation. Have something to show them, not just scattered ideas. If it is your money the proposal should be easy. If it is their money and not in their budget then you might need to find some form of financial asset to help fund it or start some fund raisers.

There is alot more if you plan to manage this. . .

To better answer this it would be helpful to know:

Where you plan to have the money come from?
Who you intend to manage that program (is it you)?
I was thinking I would manage it. I would try to run it as a partnership with the school that I am at now.

If you want to manage it then you should find some sort of investor, as well as a chief instructor to manage and develop the flight program, and someone to manage and work out the ground school. The other option would be if you are a CFI then you can develop both flight and ground lessons using a variety of tools and open source syllabus on the internet to use. Then you can manage both ground and flight sections while leaving the school to hopefully handle financing. Otherwise it gets expensive with having to hire others to build the course for the college. I assume you would want to go 141 being this is a college?