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What are some good ways for a generally unconnected person to make good contacts with aviators at the local ANG unit in town? Thanks for the insights.
Are you looking for a guard job in DFW?

I have access to lots of guys that are or were in the ANG.

Also, zap an email to and he can probably hook you up with someone in your area.

Clint is an awesome resource, use him!
I have a good book at home called "Jobhunting for Pilots" that goes indepth about networking and jobhunting. I got it at a Barnes and Noble. Check the transportation section now and again and you may fond some books that are good.
The book you guys need is 'The Golden Rule of Schmoozing: The Authentic Practice of Treating Others Well' it is the best book I have found to teach you the art of networking. You can pick it up from Amazon and I do not think it is that expensive.