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Hello Everyone. My name is Steve and much like most of you probably I have dreamed of flying since a kid. I am currently working at the FedEx Ramp in Louisville, Kentucky so I am on and off jets all night long which just makes me want to fly that much more. All night long I see UPS jets take off one after the other because most of you know Louisville is UPS's hub. I am around jets all night every night. I am 20 years old and don't know really where to start to or where to go to begin my career as a pilot. I don't have a Private License and pretty much am starting from scratch. I guess my question is, is it hard to get into some of these flight school? Like flight safety? I am currently in college and would do anything to fly. I can afford the cost so that really isn't an issue. I hope I can get some help getting my foot in the door....
You've come to the right place!

I think De727UPS is SDF-based but may know some information on flight schools there.
Hello Everyone. My name is Steve

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In unison.."welcome Steve"

, is it hard to get into some of these flight school?

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Most flight schools will request a driving record and a medical. As long as you dont have any felony convictions, DUI's and can pass a medical exam you should be fine.

Like flight safety?

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I went to FlightSafety and when i applied,I had to submit a driving record for the past few years and get a first class medical prior to enrollment. Other than that its some paperwork, not a big deal really.

I am currently in college and would do anything to fly.

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I would recommend you finish your degree. If you want to stay where you are while finishing the degree then perhaps the best route for you right now would be to go to a FBO and start your private. You can go to any of the big academies and start your training at pretty much any stage, so having a private license prior to enrolling will probably save you money as well.

If you have any questions, post away, you will find there is an extensive range of expertise here in pretty much every aspect of aviation.

but don't forget to read the site because a lot of your questions may already be answered within the site & forum itself!
While I'm technically based in SDF, I do my darndest to never have to go there. In fact, my goal is once a year for training and I've been meeting my goal lately.

My trips start and end in SDF, on paper, but I bid trips that are easy to start without actually doing the deadhead legs. My current trip may start on paper with a deadhead positioning flight from Louisville to Seattle but....since I live in Spokane, all I gotta do is show up in Seattle an hour prior to my live (not-deadhead) flight.

As far as flight schools in Louisville...I'd check out Bowman field.
d'oh! I forgot about that De727UPS!

Also, you might want to drop a private message to Bogberto. He is one of my pals from college that was working for a frieght forwarder that woke up one day and decided he'd rather fly.
I guess my question is, is it hard to get into some of these flight school?

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Hey, I've lived in Louisville for the past 16 years and use to hangar my C310 (before I sold it) over at Clark Co in Southern IN.

I would suggest going out to Bowman Field and talk to some of the CFI's and possibly getting your PPL at one of the FBO's before shelling out an absurd amount of money up front at one of the over-priced pilot mills. Your young and can afford the cheaper, more personable, yet slightly longer, route of small airport FBO training.

I'd suggest getting in touch with UPS MD11 f/o Mike Pratt at Louisville aviation. He runs a small flight school (1 C172 last I heard) with very experienced CFI's consisting mostly of corporate and airline pilots.

I guess as far as getting into some of the high priced aviation schools, if you have a fat enough bank're accepted!