How to Enjoy JC


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:nana2: The man's supplying guidance for enjoying JC.

On the one hand, you have the freedom of unrestricted movement and enhanced cooling (such as lounging in an artificial body of water).

On the other, you're already ready for action and, potentially, protected against spatter from the grill ... oh, and JC is your living room.

It's the fundamentals. :D I mean, you talk like a person who hasn't walked out the front door and stopped to double-check that they are wearing pants within in the past year. :sarcasm:


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Now a metal chair like that here in the desert could leave grill marks on your a$$ once heated in 110 degree weather. :bandit:


Experiment Log:

  • No readily-available, legal source of raw meat was within walking distance. Substituted a cheap frozen pizza.
  • No fine microbrew available. Experimenter substituted Lone Star.
  • Shade was substituted for a mountain view.
  • Experimenter is apparently acquiring lawn furniture on the installment plan.
  • Pants were tested in both configurations.


Actually, I had been wondering how this would work for a while. Turns out: pretty well! Henceforth, the term "cheap frozen" shall be supplanted by "artisan" because it successfully acquired a nice mesquite flavor and a crispy crust.

In conclusion, thick-crust pizza is for dummies. QED.


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Very nice!

Me, I'm just sitting on the couch, drinking a mojito waiting for the torrent of reported posts to start raining down. ;)