How much are you paying?


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Sorry if I missed a thread that went over this.. I've tried to look through various pages of threads.
Anyway, how much are you guys paying a year - both in-state and out of state? How much total debt will you leave with?
It appears that most people are $90,000 to 120,000 in debt. Plan on spending $900-$1200 a month on student loans while you enjoy making $1200-1600 in monthly pay the first few years as a regional airline pilot. This can leave you with $0 or negative income when employed as a pilot.

If you want to save money, go to an in-state university in your state of residence and earn your ratings and certificates at a local FBO.

It's amazing how CLUELESS 18 year old UND freshman are when they sign their life away to student loans - little do they know anything about the value of money and how difficult (and literally impossible) it will be pay back the loans on regional airline pilot salaries. "I'll just get my degree/certificates now and worry about the loans later" will bite you in the butt in quality of life when you are 23-28 years old not able to support yourself.

I went to UND and I highly recommend looking into other alternatives. The quality of flight training has diminished and the cost has dramatically increased since I graduated. Explore previous threads for more information. Friends don't let friends go to UND.
As jrosard12 said the tuition rates are posted clearly on the UND website. Keep in mind that the Projected Flight Costs does not include fuel surcharges. The flight costs can also cost way more than the projected costs depending on several factors (You, Weather, CFI's, Luck).

A tip for you:

If you are paying out of state, if you attend UND for Fall and Spring and then stay over the summer you can gain residency in the state which then entitles you to the in-state tuition rate. I've done this myself.
I'm a Canadian soon-to-be Student.

Costs per year..
Tuition ~$16000USD
Room/meal plan ~$6000USD
Flight Costs ~$15000USD

yeah... it's pretty damn expensive.
Just because the tuition rates are posted on the website doesn't mean they don't vary from student to student. The website doesn't factor in financial aid, scholarships, etc. That's why I asked.
If you can eventually get resident tuition your flight costs and tuition will likely be less than going to a Private College. UND is expensive when you factor in the flying. However you can easily rack up the same bill by going to an out of state college with strict residency requirements, expensive housing and only come out with a Bachelors of Arts.

Be sure you add up all the costs for each option. FBO costs, Tuition, and Housing costs vary significantly across the country. If you live in an area of the country that has significantly higher tuition you may not save money overall.

For me i was hellbent on going to a school out of state. Even though i went to a neighboring state. GFK was very different from the Twin Cites. My last two years i only went home about 3 times each year. It was only a 5 hour drive.