How many years did you instruct?


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I am curious to find out how many years people were/are current full time instructors before moving on to a commercial aviation job.
Also, if you could add a post that says the year or decade in which you instructed.

Our flights school currently is full of instructors that have been doing this full time for almost two years, some longer.
I think we are extremely lucky to have people with so much instructional experience at our school, obviously there has been very little turn over due to no jobs.

There is no real point to the poll, just that I am curious.
Got my CFI in 1993 and instructed part time (while going to school) until May 1995 and then full time until Dec 1995. So about 2.5 years. CFI, CFII, MEI, AGI, IGI
I obtained my CFI in 2005, CFII in 2007.

I instructed full time from 2005-2008 (3.75 years) and took a job creating aviation avionics suite software training programs.

I suspect in the next year after the wedding is paid off, I will return to full time instruction for a few years and then fly corporate or cargo.

I did it for that long because I enjoy it. I turned down several good offers to fly cargo in the 40k range.
Almost done with my first year of full-time, did one year of part-time before that.
I got my CFI in July of 2007 taught for the college and got my CFII in February of 2008 and now I am teaching for a FBO here in Spokane.
Got my CFI/II in 2006. Got hired at a few airlines. Got furloughed... now back to CFI . :banghead:
I instructed for 3 1/2 years before heading off to the airlines 2003-2006. Learned alot and gained quit a bit of experince. And at times kinda miss it.
Instructed in the O2 with the Thais.
Instructed in the KC-135 for about 2 yrs.
Instructed in Lears and Citations for about 18 months
Instructed on 737s for about 3 yrs
Did some work in the SR-22
But 'full time' meaning sole-source, never.
2-2.5 years. Sometimes more than others. Never could feed myself on it, had a good job or jobs to suppliment.
Instructed two years before getting a corporate job in the Cirrus, However Im still instructing on the side :)
Got my initial CFI Sept. 2007. MEI and CFII before the year was out. I instructed full-time until March 2008; I finished up my remaining "full-time" students and began flying cargo that month. I later started flying corporate and air ambulance in June of 2008, along with cargo.

I still continue to instruct as a very part-time endeavor, generally favors to the company and current CFI's at our flight school. In fact tonight I signed off one of our instructors for his MEI add-on. His checkride is tomorrow. Wish him well :).

I'll never stop instructing, even if I didn't instruct full-time for very long.
Got my CFI 02/2008, II and MEI shortly there after. I just hit the one year mark not long ago and anticipate at least another year of it before I have even a shot at an airline or gig elsewhere.
I took my inital CFI checkride in March of 2007, CFII a month later. I began employment with the flight school who did my training immediately and continue to instruct there to this day.
cool thread idea...

received me CFI,CFII,MEI in October 2008... got hired on with FIT in MLB in Jan 2009. So that makes it 3 months of instructing full time... and for the most part I love every minute of it with a few minor exceptions.

One thing for sure tho, its a nice feeling when you wake up in the morning, and actually want to head out to work, cause you know you have the best office in the world and your doing what you love. :)
Got my ticket in December, 2004. Instructed part time during the school years and full time in the summers, up until May, 2008 when I got done with school and went full time for good.