How many hours?


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How many hours do you all fly on average a day/week?
Being new at this I only have one student of my own but do checkouts and BFRs. Im averaging about 2-5 hours a week. This weekend, I got 5.6 hours though! I feel like I need to sleep a few days to recover from it though. Just curious as to what I can expect.

Thats about how I started out. This weekend I did pretty good...had 6 flights yesterday and 3 today, came out with something around 10 hours just for sat./sun. According to LogbookPro, I've been getting between 10-15 per week. I've given 44 hrs. of dual (not counting a few misc. and sightseeing flights here and there) in the past 30 days (about 20 of which in April so far), so I guess thats pretty good, given the crappy Ohio weather. I don't really have that many regular students either. I mean, technically, I have about 15 pilots assigned to me, but only about 10 are active, 4 are licensed pilots, the other 6 are students...only two of which fly more than once a week. The rest are just BFR's, IPC's, currency flights, checkouts, and intro. flights.

I hear you on being beat after flying all day- it takes a while to get used to I guess. I passed out at like 9:30 last night (pathetic, isnt it?). How are you liking instructing?
I like the instructing although the initial excitement has burnt off already. Ill never forget that first hour of dual given! The checkouts are boring and Ive already got the pattern down. Im getting sick of being asked how many more hours after every flight. Another thing that bothers me is telling someone to do something over and over and them still not getting it right. It makes me wonder what Im doing wrong. I guess this is all payback for me! People wanting ot take passengers also bothers me, I seem to spend more time talking to the passenger than I do the student. I still havent had a zero hour student, Im kind of excited about that. I guess those would be my only complaints, its still fun and exciting and i cant wait to go up with a student. I just hope it doesnt get old too quick. It sure is nice getting paid for fly!
I"m giving about 40-48 hours of instruction a month. And I fly at least 5 hours of twin for myself aswell. I get pooped on the days that I have three guys and school.