How long to find out if accepted?


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Sent my transcripts to Prescott about two weeks ago. I put in for Jan. of 2001 Still have one semester left to graduate with a BS in Business Mgmt. Did anyone else take advantage of the no fee time period if you applied online? Also Does EBRU let you fly in your own plane or must you use EBRU's planes? How much to live on Campus in the new dorms? ok Im done with the questions!
It was interesting to hear that you would be graduating with a BS in management. I too am in a similar situation and was wondering what your plan was. How many of your classes transferred and how long it would take you to get a degree from ERAU? How much would it costs? I would appreciate any information as to your reasons for attending ERAU instead of going to a PPL training academy and any other information concerning the process of transferring to ERAU?

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I've come to far to just not finish this last semester at my local university. Besides I also like Business and know I can also make a good living at it. As for going to EBRU the reputation, quaility of training, and that its only about an 1.7 hr flight straight south of me or about an 6-7 hour drive. Im working on my PPL now and plan on my checkride in August. So I should by Jan. have at least 100 hours or more when I hopefully start down there. Granted I can do everything here at my FBO that I can do down at Embry for a lesser price but I think the benefits outweigh the costs.