How long before you start applying for instructing jobs


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Im curious to know how long you should wait before sending apply to be a flight instructor, should you wait to have the CFII and MEI? Or just apply with the CFI -initial and work on the rest from there, just curious how some of you guys recomend doing it.
I am not a CFI yet, but I would think the sooner you can start making money, the better.
I started applying as soon as I got my CFI and put in my cover letter that I was close to completing the CFII. I got hired with my CFI, on the condition that I would have my CFII completed by the start date. I think CFI/CFII are the most important to most schools. Fewer and fewer small FBO's and flight schools have multiengine aircraft now it seems like.
I started flight instructing last summer while I was still working on my CFII. I would fly as an instructor in the morning, then do a flight as a student in the afternoon.
Michigan Flyer,
where are you flying out of at SUA? just curious i trained with ATP there. i'm also from michigan
I chose a school here in SLC to train with that I assumed would be great to work with. I just got my CFI and I had the job before I got the certificate, if you know what I mean. I think you should think about it very early on.
I am an instructor at Flight Training International, right across the ramp from ATP. I got my private certificate up at Owosso, Michigan.
i'm from the grand rapids area. i had a roommate in college who's girlfriend was from owosso. are you guys hiring? i'd love to get back to stuart.