How is Pan Am Ft. Pierce?


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I have read all of these horrible things on the board about Pan Am, but they all seem to be directed towards the management, and Pan Am Arizona. I was just wondering if Ft. Pierce was as bad. I am planning on visiting it soon, and would like to know a few questions to ask them. I am new searching for the right aviation school, and really don't want to make the wrong decision now. I need all of the help i can get.
If you've too much money to waste then Pan Am is the best choice. if you are smart look for other better and cheaper alternatives. Only your flight time will ever matter, the name Pan Am will neve matter.
that response was informative to the reader. anyway, there will always be a cheaper way to get flight time than the big schools....but they do offer some advantages. take a search through the archives of peoples experiences with FBO's near you, as well as posts from students or whomever from any of the schools listed or discussed on the site. if you have any specifinc questions about a certain school go ahead and ask, there are a bunch of people here who are willing to listen and help out. i can only speak of my experience with panam, i have a running post called "first day" on this section of the forum. anything else you'd like to know, feel free to ask.