How I got .8 turbine time


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Had a chance to fly an Aero L-29 Delfin fighter jet yesterday.


my CFI is also an insturctor and flies airshow in the L-29 so he hooked me up for a ride. We did some basic aerobatics, aeileron and 4-point rolls, inverted and vertical flight, steep turns, slow flight, and lazy-8's. I managed to leave the sick sac empty, but I think if I had eaten lunch it might have been a different story.

Here is the front cockpit:

And here is my seat in back:

Another shot of the plane:
There is an L-29 here at my FBO. It is not all painted up like this one is just a dull grey, but man it's pretty loud!
Where was this??? Some guy we know at SNA \9though the jet is not kept there) flies something similar, just wondering if it is the same guy??
They keep the plane parked at March ARB, but I met them at French Valley for the ride. The guy that owns the plane is named Doug Gillis, I think he lives down by LGB or SNA, so maybe it is the same guy?
A little OT, but...

Dan - I played hockey with one of your LA Kings before he left our high school...Dustin Brown.

That's cool. Dustin just came back last night, he's been out most of the year with a sprained ankle. Do you still keep in touch with him?
Yeah - he comes home (where I grew up and am attending college) every so often. He plays on our "beer league" summer team whenever he gets the chance (I'm not sure if he can anymore - management might not want him playing in such situations).

Big hockey town (high ranking D1 team and former state champ h.s. team), and he's definitely a part of it!

Big hockey town (high ranking D1 team and former state champ h.s. team), and he's definitely a part of it!

[/ QUOTE ]

Where do you go to school at?
Cornell University - I know, I know, "LEast Coast" hockey:) We made it to the Frozen Four last year, but the entire ECAC is in a developmental period right now, so no one really seems to be in the running. We won a first round bye into the ECAC tourney, so we'll see how it goes (Clarkson on Friday).