How I ended up at Ari-ben


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Just thought ide let everyone know why I chose Ari-Ben. First I recommend to tour all the flightschools you consider going to.

Toured Flightsafety and was completely sold. Have always wanted to go here but ultimately did not for a couple of reasons.
1.The fact ide have to wait up to one year or more to instruct. Once you are able to instruct unknown how many students you get and how many hours you get on a monthly basis. I am 34 years old and don’t have time to sit on my ass for so long.
2.The cost. I am a VA student so cost isn’t as much of an issue for me as someone else. That being said though when you factor in the cost of having to move somewhere else to instruct that’s a price I’m unwilling to pay. I don’t want to have to stay in the area and work at Home Depot to make ends meet. (nothing wrong with working there but not for me)
3.Not as much multi-time.
4.ASA pretty much dead now. Liked the program when it was going on and was a reason for me to attend FS.

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Did not even check out other than driving by. After hearing about all there problems plus the fact many former students now attend Ari-Ben. The place sure looks nice and new. Plus the payments for all those nice new air-conditioned planes. Can you say out of control overhead? I heard they pay $ 60,000 a month just for rent to the airport. Who do you think pays for all that? Ari pays $6000 a month. Admitting Ari’s place is not pretty but who cares. It is functional and that is all that matters.

Took the tour and was not impressed. There was a kid just out of high school and his parents asked if college was important. They told them he could fly the RJ without having the degree. That may be true but I did not like the way he answered the question. He seemed very evasive the whole time and only told you what he wanted you to hear. Another reason not as much multi time. They kick you out after 800 hours as an instructor if you are not hired yet.

Did not tour but looked into. I think they are a good school but do not like the accelerated pace. My learning curve is a little slower than that. Good multi-time but do not accept VA bennies. More expensive than Ari Ben.

Overall, I did some very serious research and decided Ari-ben would be best for me.
I called Mike and told him I was in the area touring schools. He said no problem come on down when your done. He was the only school that didn’t bash others. He said they were all good schools and you were going to be hired once you reach the minimum hours no matter where you go. Talked to former students and they said they would do it again in a heartbeat. The planes are not the prettiest but maintained well and safe. The amount of multi hours, price, acceptance of VA bennies, and instruction opportunity sold me.
Nice post Glenko!!

I am currently "looking" at flight schools (as much as I can living here in CA.). I will be visiting Florida very soon since my wifes family is moving there next month and I will definately be checking out the schools down there.

The one thing that bugs me about the larger schools (besides the high cost) is that many pilots I know refer to them as "nothing more then pilot factories". This is not to say that they are bad but the student isn't always treated like a "customer"...which IMO is important. Everybody I know involved in commercial aviation has had great things to say about Flight Safety but, like you stated above, there are a few "issues" that can be a big problem which is unfortunate.

The fact that Ari is reasonably priced, provides a CFI postion to their graduates, includes quite a bit of ME time in the training and the prospect of the ME time as an Instructor (which is GREAT!), and the simple fact that I have heard quite a few good things about them is quite reassuring.

Hopefully I'll get down there soon to check Ari out!!

Thanks again for the post

Thanks for your post. This forum has been dead for about a week and I am always looking for info about ari-ben. When you get there can you keep us updated witha journal?Thanks.
I toured Ari way back when they were in Addison Tx. I was totally impressed way back then also. Unfortunately at that time there wasnt many ways to pay for it except out of pocket. From what I have read on here even though they moved to sunny florida doesnt sound like that have changed. The owner is involved as much as anyone there. When I was in Addison they even offered to let me backseat an instructional flight to get a feel for how they do things. That alone impressed me. How many other schools do that.