How far can you fly for your time building?


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Hey I was just wondering how far away from Vero Beach are you allowed to fly when your doing your time building? (this is done in the archer?) Like for example, would you be allowed to fly to New Mexico or something? I think I've heard your not allowed to fly internationally. How long would that take anyhow (to NM) 8hrs from FL? with one stop for fuel?

I just have family there, would be cool to drop in and say hi, hehe
VRB to New Mexico? I think it's a safe bet that there would be more than one fuel stop!
I know you are from Australia so I won't give you a hard time about that. It's the better part of 2000 miles (4400km). Your x-country flights will mostly stay in Florida. If you were to have a problem with the aircraft, you wouldn't want to be many many hours away from home. You can run up to Savannah, Georgia (pretty popular run), take an overnight trip with permission, etc. etc.

Oh yeah, it's done in a PA28-161 Cadet (otherwise known as a Warrior).
It's a good airplane...comfy, built like a tank.

The limit with an instructor on board is 500nm, with just a student on board there are designated airports in the FL and GA areas that are approved for solo flight. 95% of those stay within FL. It took me three hours to get from Vero to Tallahassee (located in the Panhandle). It would take three days to get to NM! Also, don't plan on flying any solo cross-countries inland at night.
I appreciated the no single engine inland night XC rule. You would be screwed with an engine failure over some nasty swamp in the dark (they would never even find the plane). There are plenty of destinations for time building XC. I found it most valuable to fly every solo XC flight to and through B & C airspace. You can get into some pretty cool & very busy spots so it makes for great experience. Lots of folks were doing the back-to-back XC lessons up to SAV, which did not seem like a great use of flying time (no interesting navigation or airspace, just follow the coast both ways). I would wait until you can go IFR if you really want to head up there.
The longest cross country I had was up to the Hartsfield. We, instructor and I, did it in a Seminole. Wow, it was a great experience.