How does it work?


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If your a pilot for a regional or major how does it work?

Do you ride the same airplane everyday, how often do you ride a diffrent airplane?
By the same plane do you mean the exact plane, like the registration number? or the same type like EMB145? Most of the time the company tries to keep you in the same plane all the day, but sometime you do have to switch, which makes for a hassle, b.c you have to gather all your gear and do all the setup checks all again.
At my company we fly three types of the EMB 145/140/135. It is possible to fly a 145 one leg an 135 the next.
Same TYPE of airplane? Yes (like Doug flies the MD88/90s).

Same EXACT plane everyday? Of course not! If a company has 100 MD80s, you could be flying any of 'em... it's all dependant on scheduling.

You can bid for a different plane assuming you have enough seniority, and no one senior to you bids for the spot (and gets it).
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however to switch between different types i.e. 737 to 757 takes approximately 6 weeks of ground and sim instruction.
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I fly the same aircraft occasionally. But we've got 120 MD-88's so chances are, I won't see the same aircraft for months.