How do you like ERAU?


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Hey everyone,

I am a high-school senior, and I'll be graduating in May.

Ever since I can remember, I have wanted to go to ERAU.

I visited the campus in May, and I was impressed.

What do you current students think about ERAU, from all aspects?

I will apply in November, possibly as early-decision. ERAU is my first choice.

I'd major in Aviation Business Administration, with the flight option.

Please take a minute and give me your opinions. I've always known it to be a good school, but after reading some posts, it doesn't sound like it's everything that I thought it was.

For me personally if I had to do it all over again I would have gone somewhere other than Riddle. I currently have 1 more year left to go and can't wait to graduate and get out of here. Although I would say that the classroom instruction you receive her is probably the best around. The rest of the services of the university leave alot to be desired. The "riddle runaround" will leave you stressed out when trying to find a simple answer to a question and get sent to 8 different people.

If you plan on majoring in Business, I would definately suggest not doing your flying at Riddle. The flight department is probably the largest reason why I have not enjoyed my time thus far here. The instruction and aircraft rates are much more expensive than they need to be and have risen about three times already this year.

I would seriously look at the monetary investment you will put in to go to Riddle. If you can handle spending over $100,000 for school then by all means go to Riddle, but definately talk to some other people who have gone or are going to Riddle before you make your final decision.
Are there any FBO's located near ERAU that I could do my flight training at? Do a lot of students do this?

Where would rather have gone to school?

There are several flight schools around Riddle that offer quality instruction. Alot of their flight instructors are Riddle students.

If I could do it again, I would have gone to one of the state schools and done flight training at an FBO.
Riddle is a great school, but pricey. If you are to do the flying along with school at Riddle, you will spend as much money as it would cost to attend an Ivy League school. As for a business type degree, I would rather get it at a school that is ranked among the top 5 in the country, something like Stanford. A business degree is very universal, but a degree in Aviation Business Administration is more of a specialty degree, though I do believe you would be able to use it in any field-some companies don’t care as long as you have a degree. If you were to be an airport manager then an aviation business degree is what they want. You need to know what type of work you would like to be involved in when finished with school. The Riddle name does hold weight in the aviation world. Some people do get the “Riddle Run Around” and that makes for an unpleasant experience. There are people who are not meant to be to be pilots and Riddle does kick those students out of the flight program for numerous reasons. If you go to Riddle definitely get your ratings elsewhere, you will save a lot of money and time. There are over a thousand flight students at each campus and some incoming students are told they will not get to fly until the following semester. I went to the Prescott campus and have heard that the Florida campus has more flight students with a longer waiting list to start your initial flying. The Florida campus gets more of the money generated by both schools and therefore has a better campus. It is great to get impute from others, but you should do what will make you the happiest. Some like Riddle and some don’t.
I will be coming into ERAU with a PPL already, so that'll save some time and money.

I also would enjoy to be in the top-management of an airline eventually, so a degree in Aviation Business Administration would make sense for me.

How many hours in the logbook does the average student graduate with?

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How many hours in the logbook does the average student graduate with?

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I would guess the average would be between 200 and 300 hours, depending on how rapidly the student progressed through all the ratings. I had my private before I started at riddle and have done all my ratings through CFI and have about 240 total hours but at least 20 of those hours are fun flying.
Those who have their PPL have to take FA109, which is like a standardization class to make sure you are up to Riddle standards. Some Find out that they not even close to Riddle standards and have to spend many hours to get up to par. I have heard of some flying up to 50hrs in FA109 before they were able to move on to FA208.

"There are people who are not meant to be to be pilots and Riddle does kick those students out of the flight program for numerous reasons..."

this is something i have not heard of before but can u elaborate on this cause im really curious.

im also a senior and am going to apply under the early decision policy this year so im absorbing as much info as possible. thx for your time.
Well Brutus, just a quicky, but why are you applying under early decision? Why would you want to absolutly commit to this college when you could wait one more month and apply regular decision.

When I was first looking at colleges a couple years ago I also was very set on riddle, but alas I changed my mind come march and luckily did not apply early decision and could choose any college I wanted.

This not an attempt to degrade Riddle, hell, I might be transferring there next fall for aviaion buisness, I just cannot understand why someone would want to take away their ability to have options just to apply 1 month earlier.

On the flight school part, my firend is a flight student there and I will tell you what I have gathered.

Although they will not tell you that you are kicked out( unless you make a big mistake) , they can do it monitarily. If you are a really really sucky pilot, and you have to repeat lesson after lesson after lesson, eventually financially you will not be able to take it and will have to leave.

I would take a bunch of lessons first, or get a rating( I have no Idea if you already have). If you are resonably proficient and do not show any huge problems, I see no reason why you cannot complete Riddle's program.
The reason why someone would apply for early aceptance is that they usually have a better chance of getting in, that is of course if they're sure that is the college they want to go to. I wouldn't do this for Riddle, becuause pretty much everyone i've talked to says its not hard to get into at all (as long as your willing to pay the very high prices!)
my main reason in applying through ED is because i am 100% sure that this is what i want, so why not? another reason is that applying early will get me some priority over other applicants. this is in terms of dorm choosing and possible financial aid and/or etc.

btw, i'm curious if anyone knows (other than me) the name of this individual on the left.
This is for CaptainRyan.
I don’t know if you mentioned it, but what campus will you be attending? I attended the Prescott campus. From what I remember is that if you fail a stage check once, you retake what you failed. If you fail it the second time, you have to do the entire stage check over, but if you fail the third time, you can petition for a fourth stage check, or if it is your last stage check it would be your check ride. Anyway, after failing your third they make you take the ground school over and start from square one. If you fail your third and have to take ground school over, you will get a F on your transcript. I know some one that was told to take FA110 ground school over and he didn’t even fail a stage check. I think ERAU stated it was from a lack of progress. Well, he didn’t argue and ended up starting over and achieving his private. I know another that had in the neighborhood of 12 instructors for his private. ERAU will, without warning, switch instructors on students and that is what had happen several times to him. He also requested instructor changes a few times because of their Incompetence. This is a long story, but one of the main guys at the flight line said that he would be his instructor and help him finish his private. They went flying together a few times and, and this instructor brushed him off by saying that he was very busy and would only be able to fly with him on a limited bases. My friend didn’t fly for a few weeks and called another main guy at the flight line to see what was up. He was called in for a meeting and was told they were throwing him out of the flight program.
I think if you fail the same state check four times, it might be a good idea to re-evaluate the situation.

Some airlines don't have retest policies, so if you fail your checkride, some will "release you".

Other airlines, like the one I'm at, have you do remedial training if you fail, and then if you fail your retest, you're "seat frozen".
I went to there website and i Couldnt find ANYTHING about getting any kind of ratings or licenses.

is there some kind of secret link where you all guys go to see the ratings and the prices they offer
I went to ERAU starting Fall of 1997. I attended the Prescott, Arizona campus. The better one if you're actually looking to get something accomplished.

I'll admit, its a bit pricy now. (Much cheaper when I went).

It is a great place to go if you want to learn how to fly, and learn all the classroom stuff to go along with it.

If I did it all over again, I'd chose Riddle. (I'd have to find some more outside funding though)

Heck, I liked it so much, I've been working there for going on two years.
I am currently on my last year at ERAU in prescott and i highly recomend any inspiring airline pilot to attend riddle. I think the training here is excellent and one of the best around. I received my private outside of riddle, so i speak from outside experience as well. My opinion is that the flight training is what makes riddle stand out above the rest, not the classes, so if your gonna come here and go elsewhere for your ratings, i suggest not to waste your money. The flight training here is highly intense and not easy thats why you here so many people bad mouthing it, we have a lot of students who washout because its to tough for them. But i assure you that if you just work hard and put up with some of the run-around you will be one of the best civilian trained pilots out there...its all worth it when its done.