How do I put a picture in a post?


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How do I put a picture in a post? Sorry if I'm ignorant, I haven't spent that much time on this forum...yet.


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That can be tricky; you'll need to find a host that'll allow "remote loading," which is the loading of an image on a different site (like


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How do you have a picture as part of your profile? Each of you who have replied to this thread have a picture underneath your username. 326 posts and I feel left out


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Go to 'My Home' then 'Change personal information password/etc/etc/etc' and hit Edit.

Scroll down and there is a location where you can upload a picture.


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1) Go to My Home.
2) Click "Edit" under Personal information, email, password, etc.
3) Scroll down to near the bottom of the page and there are two options for your avatar.
4) There are two options: You can link to an image already online, or you can upload one to the site.
5) Click Submit.