How do I choose a Pan Am Campus?


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I will probably apply to Pan Am sometime within the next few months, and I am wondering if one campus is recommended more than the other. Does anyone have any comments on Fort Pierce or Phoenix? Also, are graduated students moving quickly into teaching positions at both campuses?

hey whats up. as far as choosing a campus they are both identical, it's mainly a weather preference hot and humid or really hot and dry. there is more social life at the phoenix campus but then again if your gonna go out all the time you would never get your work done, and there is alot of work, studying to do. plan on 3 or 4 hours a night through private and instrument, it will slow down after that, until cfi starts. as far as getting hired goes, they dont hire everyone so make sure your at the top of your class. the wait, from what im hearing is only a few months, if that the airline hiring season is coming up soon, (supposely) and that will people right through so the wait could be next to none. well thats at fort pierce, im not sure about phoenix
Hi Stalled. Thanks for your reply. I'm leaning toward Phoenix just because I'm originally from Colorado - kind of a Westerner at heart. Another one of my fears is the massive loan burden! Do you know what CFI's make for a wage?
im not sure i think it varies, but if i remember ill ask around. i do know you only get paid while the hobbs is ticking, thinking between $12-17 per hour. as far as the burden goes, just make sure you do the homework a computer with flight simulator could save some money, worked for me great and haven't failed a stage or checkride just keep reading, you should be able to take a day off everyweek and relax as long as your going at it the other 6 lol have a good one and goodluck!