How did you pay for FSI?


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I'm about 98% sure I'm going to FSI for training this summer. My question for anyone who is or has attended recently is how you paid for your training. The reps I talked to told me about the Key Loan, Sallie Mae, and maybe even Ellie Mae. I'd like to have a little firsthand knowledge from you guys before I dive into the applications and stuff. Were the financial staff at FSI helpful or did you do most of the work on your own?

Thanks for any info!
I got the Key loan with no sweat! Approved without a cosigner for 60K, added a cosigner to lower the interest rate.

Keep in mind, I am a poor E-5. Key Bank told me they base their decision on credit history, not income. I had a bad experience with AMEX as a freshman in college (7 years ago), so my record wasn't perfect, but it's been clean for the past coupla years.

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Thanks Chunk,
It seems that Key loan is the deal. Bad credit experiences in college...been there done that!
Be careful with the Key loan. I'm in the finance field and am know changing careers. I have been checking out these student loans and one thing to not over look is the up front fees of up to 9%. That means if you borrow 60,000 they are gonna expect 5400 dollars that goes into there pocket !! BE CAREFUL !!! Ask them what the real cost of the loan is.