How cool would that be?


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<font color="blue"> VFR Route Into Russia Announced
GA Pilots Can Fly VFR From Alaska to Russia
April 29, 2003 - The long-awaited VFR general aviation route from Alaska into Russia will become available for pilots beginning May 1, according to FDC NOTAM 3/3273 that was issued by the FAA on Tuesday afternoon (April 29).

The route—B-369—which spans about 275 nautical miles from Nome to Provideniya including a 39-nm stretch over open water, was about three years in the making. Hopefully though, this is only the beginning; Alaska region FAA officials aim for an even longer corridor to Magadan, Russia, with the thought that eventually Japan will work to create a similar corridor from the south to Magadan, to establish a viable, safe general aviation route from Alaska to Japan ... </font> (read more)

I did a rough estimate from Chicago and figured it would be around 7000 nm to fly to Tokyo via the East coast of Russia. Anybody in?