How are the ADX and orals scored?


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Since the ADX is a multi-choice standardized test, do all the questions weigh the same, regardless of the "difficulty"? And the orals? Any thoughts on where the focus of studying should go, or does it matter if every question has the same point value?
Each question (80 total) on the ADX has the same value.

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On the oral, the examiner should take a comprehensive view of your exam, meaning that you aren't "scored" per se. Rather, the examiner will be taking account of your general performance and grant you a pass/fail decision. However, there are some basic definitions like operational control, duties of a dispatcher, etc that focus on the fundamental aspects of your job. If you get those wrong you might be in trouble. Overall you should have answers like those down pat by the end of the course so it shouldn't be a big deal.