How about another Ear one...


NAHB Doesn't Give a Crap
So on the 4th of July, I got a good bit of water in the ears. Water hasn't bothered me in YEARS but the right one was bugging me for a about a day. At the time, the left one was fine, no water, not bother. Later that evening, there were quite a few fireworks (not very least 100 yards away but was on my left side) but it was bothering me a little, so went inside. Later that night and up until today, there has been ringing in the left ear. I flew yesterday and there was a good bit of "clicking" in that ear and the right one is just fine. No discomfort, just "clicking". Cabin altitude never exceeded about 1500 feet and I kept the rate to below 200 fpm on the pressuriztion (all pattern work @ or below 5,000 PA). Is this a result of the noise, the water or perhaps both? Also, should I stay away from GA (not able to control pressurization and higher cabin altitudes)?

Thanks Doc!