How about a Lear RJ


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Me and a buddy were talking and figured Lear would be really competitive in the RJ market. If they were to make 50+ seat carriers, they may do well off of name recognition alone. What do you guys think? (Hopefully, this'll get us off of that vanity plate thing LOL).
Take a look at the Bombardier CRJ. Used to be associated with Canadair, who was associated with Lear. So Lear is in the bloodlines.
I think Learjet is still part of Bombardier.

Bombardier Aerospace has:
Challenger Jets
Canadair Regional Jets
Global Express Aircraft

I doubt they would put the effort into a Lear RJ. I can see how the Challengers turned into RJs, they have larger cabin cross sections than the Lear. Now....I could see a Dassault RJ!
Gulfstream? PFT! PFT! Stay away! PFT! Oops, you mean the manufacturer. my bad, wrong thread.
Why would Gulfstream want to make a bus - it is like Rolls Royce making a small compact car. Just because it is the same product, the markets are different.