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I was just admitted to UND and I will be entering this Fall semester. I was just wondering what dorms I should list as choices on my housing application. So if someone that has lived on campus or knows if one dorm is better than the other, let me know what you think I would really appreciate it. Thanks
I would suggest West, McVey, or Brannon. They are on the west side of campus. That will give you the shortest walk to the aviation buildings.

You can also walk to the dining hall, convience store and mail room through underground tunnels. (very handy when it is below 0 outside.)

I lived in West when I was in school. I liked it alot.
Well not all of your classes are in the aviation buildings. I live in Walsh now and take the shuttle to CAS...its alot closer to the core liberal arts areas for your english classes, ect. Walsh has problems (too many damn freshman..read drunken morons), but if you get in with the right group of people its alot of fun here.

PS: Walsh contains its own C-store, mail facilities, sauna, weight room and is a hop skip and a jump away from the North Squires dining hall. When its cold you can take the tunnel there too. Very convenient.