Housing or Roommate Suggestions?


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I am attending Flight Safety Academy Jan, 2002 (next month). I was curious if anybody has any recommendations as to a housing situation. And, if any new students need a roommate, I am definitely considering a roommate. I do not really want to live with a bunch of students, would like to keep it to one or two other roommates, but I need to find some first. Looking for something relatively cheap, but NOT the GHETTO. Please offer advice.
Well, a lot of the students I know came down to school with the FS housing signed up for. They typically stayed there for a few days and were able to find housing or a roommate pretty easily. There's always 10 or so available apartments listed at campus.
My suggestion would be to get to Vero a few days early and look for a place. Check the board at the flight line or the Press journal. I rented a place over the internet/phone from Denver and ended up getting completely ripped off. (we were in a bind due to having two large dogs!) Some places in town don't require a year lease but most do. The thing thats difficult is that it can be hard to judge how long you will actually be down here. 10-12 months for a CIME? 2-3 years for a CFI job? who knows.........any questions about the town don't hestitate to ask.
PS avoid a lady called THE RENTAL LIST shes a total slum lord!
If you don't have a dog, you've got no worries. Check the website www.tcpalm.com Then click 'Classifieds' on the left side, then click 'Real Estate Rentals' in the right column.

See you soon! Had my third flight in the Seminole today, and it is a lot of fun!

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