Housing at Pan AM help?


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Hello alle, I have been trying to contact the Pan Am offices for housing information about the on-campus dorm rooms.

I have spoken with two people, of which have told me that the previous person responsible for handeling housing issues is no longer there.

That is fine and all, However after leaving a message with at least 3 people, and after promised call backs on this, I have received none.

I am scheduled for the May 7th start class.
I heard they fired a bunch of people there, lots of problems. I would ask some students before droping the cash.
get used to this kind of treatment. for the last several months what used to be a kinder, gentler management seems to be turning into the monster everyone fears. have you already made a deposit and plan on attending?
Heya Buckman, Im starting the May 7th classes.

Are you attending pan am now?

I spoke with A few people, and am to confirm with them this week sometime about the houseing arrangements.

If you are a current Student, how far along are you in your training? Did you go the Career pilot course?

Oh and any info that you may have heard/seen if you are there, please let me know

Thanks for any info in advance

i've been at pan am since last july and i'm currently working on my initial CFI. things have changed quite a bit since july. when i started there were about 80 people; now there is about 180 and the school seems to be having some troulbe keeping up with the growth.
make sure you read and understand your contract before you sign on here. the management has "screwed" many people here by making unexpected changes. i know of at least 10 people who have left recently due to these types of problems.
i don't want to be to specific here mainly because i don't want to scare people away from pan am. just make sure you understand that pan am's goal is to make money and then train pilots. they will do (as they currently are) some things that don't make much sense and may even degrade your training.
to answer your other question i did sign up for the pilot career course and i do regret it.
i could go on and on, but at this point i don't think anyone would benefit.
good luck oder viel gleuck!