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I hear alot about instructors going to the college facilities around the globe, ive heard a rumor lately that the guys at these location are taking a lot longer time getting their hours. I heard of one guy that has supposedly been instructing at bridgewater since jan and only has 70 hours of dual given, is this true or just a rumor floating around? Its not so much the fact of it taking longer, it just worries me about being able to afford to live
. Just curious, any insite would be appreciated.
There are advantages and disadvantages to working at one of the DCA satellites rather than at Sanford. Instructors at these other locations do usually accrue flight time slightly slower over the long-haul, but that is often due to the university schedule. At Sanford, we only have two days off a year when no flight training is permitted. Students at most of the college locations take many more days off, including a prolonged Christmas break. Many of these students also take the summer off as well. So, the advantage would be the ability to take some time off from instructing and enjoying those Delta flight benefits!

The typical flight schedule at a satellite is 3 days per week for each student, either M-W-F or T-Th-Sa with Sundays used as a solo day or weather make-up. This type of schedule and our use of part-time instructors (typically advanced students in the degree program) allow instructors to work a more normal 5 day, Monday thru Friday, schedule if they desire. For instructors who are married or have a family, this can be a nice advantage.

An average instructor at Sanford is currently taking about 18 months to complete the time to get to the interview. This is slightly longer since 2001 when it was closer to one year, however, our student to instructor ratios are recovering nicely and we expect that average time to be reduced in the future. At the satellites, an instructor placed from Sanford might take 3 to 6 months longer on average to qualify for the interview. This extra time may or may not hold for students graduating at a satellite because they might actually finish sooner if they instruct part-time prior to graduation as that time counts toward the time needed for the interview.

Our enrollment at the Bridgewater State College location in Mass. did start slowly but it appears ready to explode! We are projecting more than 200 students at that location this fall, a 5-fold increase. Each instructor there this fall will likely have 6 to 8 active students assigned. That should really help the instructors there log time more rapidly.

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