Horrible experience with FPR Pan Am


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I've spoke with a couple of people there in the past few months who really impressed me, making me think that I should seriously consider switching to PA from FSI for my instructor ratings.

Anyway, I just got off the phone the "Director of Training" (unknowingly at the time) at Fort Pierce. I had questions about the program, and was told the following:

To be looked at by Pan Am for hire you must complete the following there:

CFI: $3051.50
CFII: $4860.00
ACE Program: $7140.00

TOTAL: $15,051.50

I politely inquired about the content and purpose of the ACE program.

This guy actually got offensive/ ticked that I was questioning there ACE program!! After increasing his tone 2x, He started into a rant: "Look, that is the minimum requirement to get hired here. If you don't...", he continued on and on until I interupted him with a reminder that I am only a 20 minute drive from his front door, he then dropped his attitude. I assumed I was speaking with some 'marketing kid' who just graduated highschool, but after I told him to cool it, he say's he is the Dir. of Training.

I COULD NOT believe I was speaking with someone who actually runs Pan Am. The couple of ladies I've spoke with in the past were wonderful, but it is really depressing to find that the person in charge of the instruction is so far from reality, let alone professionalism.

Anyway, Pan Am is absolutely out. I'm just glad I didn't get my commercial there.