"Hoo Hoo!" and "Booo...."


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Got selected to do some evaluation work for NASA, which is cool, but BOOO that it's causing a scheduling conflict.

Oh well.. Perhaps next time.
Kristie's at rought 112º west and I'm about 2º east!
Oh.... I learned how to enter Lat/Long waypoints into the FMS today. 'Cause that's so practical for all the inter Carolina flying I do.

Too bad about the NASA thing... hopefully you can make it work.
O.K. I couldn’t resist “Ground control to Major Tom. Commencing count down, engines on.” :rawk:
No congrats involved actually.

They're looking for type-rated 767 pilots for some evaluations and I answered the email! :)
Would there be additional ETOPS stuff required for intergalactic 767/757 travel?

Doug: Ready to Copy.
Clearance: You're cleared to the International Space Station, as Filed, on departure, fly runway heading, climb and maintain orbit. Departure Frequency 119.1, squawk 4678.
Not to crap all over the good times, buuuut...

Maybe you could send NASA a reminder on that one. Unfortunately, I believe less than 5% of the NASA budget goes towards aeronautical research. Regardless, I hope you get to participate in the future Doug. I know they have a human factors group out here at Moffett (that's where the ASRS stuff goes) with some research sims.