Holy jeeze I flew threw a cloud


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Well I've been working on my IFR for about 3 months now. Went for my Long XC today and got my first actual, 1.0 hours. At first it was freaky, disorienting, nauseating, and bright. After a little while in it it got to be not that much of an issue, just a constant bummpyness. 4 approaches (Loc BC, Loc, ILS, GPS) at 4 different airports in different conditions. My checkride is probely 2 weeks away, any adivice checkride or just IFR related are welcome. Oh and its good to be back to JC, i was outta the loop for awhile there.
My advice, get as much actual as you can get! The freaky, disorienting, nauseating sensation goes away pretty quick. I remember the brightness always surprised me during my training, but I sort of got in the habit of always flying with sunglasses on anyways.
Two of my students here in Ohio have at least 5 hours of actual each. That is only because Ohio weather sucks.
I want as much actual as I can get, but with summer coming and California weather I don't think its going to happen, but for now any time we get overcast conditions I'm up in the sky. The only really annoying part is sitting in the runup area with the engine running waiting for IFR release. Even after getting a pre-start clearance.
Im a newbie to instrument training (6 hours under my belt)! However, 4 hours of it is ACTUAL!! I dont know how this worked out, but it did! If I weren't sitting here looking at other planes landing and taking off, Id be busting through the 500' ceiling with an instructor. I LOVE actual time. I never experienced any disorientation at all. My instructor was surprised! Keep us posted on your checkride (how it went, what was required, etc)!!