Holy crap!


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I just did my first mock oral stage check. I knew it wasn't going to be good, but I just got slaughtered. I have a new respect for the check pilots. It's a much tougher job than it looks. I was wholly unprepared for what I got. Next time, I hope there's nothing I haven't thought of. Right now, I'm feeling pretty damn small in the CFI world. Promotions make you feel so good, and then you hit training!

Just had to rant a little.
Suck it up nancy, you'll be fine.

Where are you doing the training? I hate seeing pilots go through a lot of training to get their CFI. As long as you care about teaching, you'll be a good instructor; which is most important, because there are a lot of instructors out there building time that don't care about teaching.
Are you dropping the gauntlet? I am inching closer to accepting...still unsure. I'll be making a decision soon.

How was Me-n-Eds? I wasn't there, did you notice?
I did notice. It was fun. Sent him off well. Did you notice I didn't get to Hanford yesterday? Trying again today.
Nah, I didn't notice. I was at Sierra Summit yesterday....lots of pow-pow 'tween the trees.

I don't work on the weekends, you won't find me at the HJO before Monday or after Friday...