Holiday Schedule


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Can somebody in the know tell us about what the holiday schedule is like at FSI. I know it's early but I'm already trying to plan out Thanksgiving, X-mas, and New Years with the family, friends, and girlfriend...and I figured it would help if I knew what days if any we actually had off.

Hi, If your not in ground school, you can take vacations/time off whenever you want.Thats between you and your instructor. I know a guy who would let his account get too low and the school puts you on NO FLY, or vacation time for him. Personally, I only took time off between steps, especially during instruments. You can get rusty very quickly. At Christmas time FSI is a ghost town. Like i said you can choose what you want to do, your the paying customer and the boss. Plus there really is no hurry to get done asap. Take your time and have fun. If you have a loan i thing the time is limited to 60 days in a calander year LOA(Leave of absents)

Do you think anyone will be there to give a tour on the Friday after thanksgiving? I am already coming down for a family get-together in Vero that week.
Last Thanksgiving there was no ground school on Thursday & Friday. I went home on Thursday so im not sure if the school was open. The flightline should be open on friday but as for a formal FSI tour, probably not until Monday.
Yeah, it gets real quiet around Thanksgiving and Christmas...I stayed down there and took advantage of the aircraft/frasca availability and finished my CIME on December 24 ( i think.?). I'd imagine that you'd be able to take a tour on any day that's not a holiday...
Just one more thing to add...FSI will give you a week off during Christmas time. Any other time off exceeding two days usually requires a request and approval for a leave of abscence.
Do you get off the Friday after Thanksgiving if you are in ground school? That would definately be nice to know. I called them up today, but they didn't really know either.