holding pattern protected area


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Hi all. Would anyone know where I can find the dimensions of the protected area for holding patterns? Is it specific to each individual hold? I am primarily interested in what (if any) obstacle protection there is on the non-holding side of the pattern.

That's why they have speed limits for holds and as far as I know there is no obstacle protection on the non-holding side.

If you find some figures, please share with us.
Unfortunately, it is virtually imposssible to know exactly WHICH template for a holding pattern has been used, so you can't really say as you are flying around, "Oh, I have X miles of clearance on this side".

But, since template #4 is the smallest, you can always say, "I have at least X miles," which is worth something, I guess. In practice, though, I don't even think about it. I just do the hold following the rules, and assume that the TERPSter designed the hold following the rules.