Hmm... is it just me?

Pretty sad...
Do you believe her story? I don't think I would ever just give money to a random person on the internet, I'm not a very trusting person though. It could be totally made up, besides, I just finished college, I'm in debt, I've got no job, and I want to start flight training too. I NEEDS MY MONEEEYY!!
If she's legit, I'd rather see her get help than the chick in NYC who did the same thing, but only to pay off her $20k credit card debt that resulted from out-of-control shopping habits! (I don't remember her name, but she made more off the site than she owed.)
Assuming she is legitimate, there are still some known misleading information on her website regarding PayPal donations…

Paypal- If you send me money via paypal, please remember I receive 70%. So if you give a dollar, I get 70 cents and paypal keeps 30 cents as their fee.

(put in dollar amount in white space [ex. $10.00] and then hit pay now!)

[/ QUOTE ]

For those of you who don't know, PayPal doesn't take 30% out of PayPal made donations, but rather 2.2% + 30 cents. I don't know if that error was intentional or not, but that information alone can mislead the most generous at heart to donate more (a lot more) than what their original intentions were.

If that was intentionally exaggerated, what other portions of her story/website can be purposely misleading information?
I have had some discussion with Paige from some other forums. Possibly a hoax.

She mentioned a bunch of hacker websites, for example.

We looked in to it further and found there is an entire "save me" ring of websites! I don't remember the exact address, sorry, but it was very sad to see the Pay me for Martyrdom syndrome running so rampant.

If she's legit I hope she gains true knowledge of aviation in order to make an educated decision about her future.
Even if she's legit, isn't it probable that she'll have some trouble getting her first or second class medical? Half a dozen knee and ankle surgeries and a 'serious automobile accident' doesn't sound like a good combo. Obviously we'd need to know more of the specifics to draw a real conclusion, but I have my doubts. I know that my ME was really cautious because of a leg injury that I had about two years ago thanks to a dropped nail gun even though it was purely muscular, no major surgery was required, and my recovery was 100%.

Just food for thought.
From the amount accidents she has endured, i would be extremely reluctant to donate anything to get this girl into a cockpit. She cant drive a car or walk but she wants to fly a plane....and she said "i need to finish college and get my pilots certificate" notice the singular "CERTIFICATE"

So my question is after 15,000 people give her a buck what in the heck is she gonna do with a 3rd class medical and a ppl.

Besides i cant afford to feed myself right now...IM KEEPIN MY MONEY.

There was a 38 year old man that set up a 'help me become an airline pilot' website so everyone would donate and pay for his stint at a flight academy.