Hitching a ride to Dothan, AL


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hey guys,

I have a buddy of mine who lives in Dothan, AL and I'm trying to go down to visit for a few days over the summer. The only problem is that out of DFW the total trip time to fly into Dothan averages around 7 hours due to the only flights that go into Dothan are out of KATL.

So my question is if I were to fly into somewhere simi close, such as Pensacola or Panama City, is there anybody who would be willing to fly me into Dothan or a surronding airport? Details about compensation could be worked out no problem.

PM or respond on here, whichever!

Thanks! :D
Depending on the timing I might be able to help out. I am in Pensacola. Let me know what dates you were thinking of. JOE
Sorry man, I'm on the wrong end of the state to be of much help. I'm not sure what options you're looking at, but Southwest does fly into BHM.
Dothan?!?! Your buddy must be a supermodel on the rebound or you really like swamps and the smell of chicken crap.
I'm from Gadsden, which is about 40miles north of Birmingham . I can pick you up in BHM and take you to Dothan in a 172. Maybe we could share some of the costs?