Hit the Brakes or Not?


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I was only asking
I understand that and I apologize if that came across harsh in text. But for the most part I wouldn’t trust any information gained trying to do something like that in a sim. For example, if you tried it and the aircraft just came to a stop that would lead you to believe that would be an appropriate action to take. I can’t possibly stress enough how bad of an idea it is to do that in an actual airplane. It doesn’t matter the size of the plane being pushed/towed either so it applies to everyone.


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I have had a tow bar break before while being pushed. Had to slowly bring it to a stop while going backwards.
Had this happen in the CRJ7 once in JAN I think. The towbar dropped off the wheel (it wasn't connected correctly I think) and we started rolling straight back off the tug. Fortunately we weren't going super fast and VERY gentle brake pressure got us stopped. I certainly wouldn't do that with the tug still in positive control though.